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For centuries our brands have been helping to make healthcare easier.

Bassetts Vitamins

Bassetts Vitamins is Ernest Jackson’s popular range of delicious vitamin products, specially formulated to help support a healthy lifestyle at different ages and stages.  The range is segmented by age, 3-6, 7-11, 12-18 years and Adults, and is available in deliciously fruity natural flavours and colours, with no added sugar 

Discover more at: www.bassettsvitamins.co.uk.

Potter’s Cough Pastilles

Potter’s on the go cough relief pastilles effectively relieve the symptoms of Catarrh, Coughs and Colds. Available in chesty cough and mucus cough.  Potters also offer Glycerine pastilles, formulated to offer a soothing and pleasant taste. Available in Blackcurrant & Glycerine Crystallised Pastilles and Lemon, Glycerine & Honey Pastilles.

Throaties Pastilles

Originally launched by Ernest Jackson in 1925, Throaties are a careful blend of ingredients captured in a soft soothing pastille. 

Available in strong original and blackcurrant. 

Victory V

'Forged For Strength' 

Victory V is Ernest Jackson’s famous brand of British paste lozenges, renowned for their unique flavour and warming qualities. 

With a strong heritage dating back over 80 years, Victory V's strength, unusual texture and warming qualities are still just as popular today as ever. 

Legend has it that Victory V was named after the famous ‘V’ sign used by English archers in the Battle of Agincourt to show the French that their bow fingers were still intact. The sign was adopted by Winston Churchill during World War II.


MAC Lozenges are recommended for the effective relief of sore throats. 

Mac sore throat honey and lemon flavour contains antiseptic for the effective relief of a sore throat. 

Our dual action Mac blackcurrant flavour contains antiseptic and local anaesthetic for effective and soothing relief of a sore throat. 

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We’re a trusted collaborator of major UK retailers who develops, manufactures, packs, tests and ships healthcare and wellness products–from medicated confectionery lozenges to gummy vitamin supplement products – with a reputation for world-class customer service and a can-do attitude.

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We love partnering with businesses who are entrepreneurial in spirit and want to take their brand to the next level.

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From the US to Malaysia, Iceland and Spain, we’re comfortable supporting customers in achieving their global ambitions.

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